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Business Strategy

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Business owners and leaders today find themselves in highly competitive and dynamic environment. With disruptive business models, onslaught of newer technologies and ever mounting customer expectations they need to find the balance between running the organization for today and build the capabilities for tomorrow.

Goalseek helps you build sustainable action plans to realize your vision in this fast changing business world by bringing in specific expertise in:

  • Strategic Business Planning

  • Brand Management

  • Marketing Programs

  • Competitive Strategies

  • Channel Management

  • Building Process & Systems

Sales Processes.

Predictable and consistent sales are a dream for all organizations. However building an effective, efficient sales team is easier said than done. This is because of multiple factors such as market scenarios, attrition rates in sales teams, resource constraints, changing customer preferences, etc. Complementing sales capabilities with right processes go a long way to mitigate these risks and help scale up & sustain sales effort.
Our bouquet of solutions help build robust and implementable process

Ways of working

Optimizing sales effort

Customer engagement

Structured sales calls

Route mapping & journey plans

Inbound/Outbound sales processes

Key account management

Prospect management

Opportunity pipelines

Value selling

Portfolio management

Sales monitoring & analytics


Business decisions based on deep insights have a significantly higher rate of success. Weather you are launching a new product or service, expanding your geography of operations or countering a competitive move, all of this requires precise and reliable sources of information.

We execute customized research projects for you covering a wide range of services.

  • Market Mapping / Opportunity Sizing

  • Consumer Insights / Need Gap Analysis

  • Product Positioning / Application Mapping

  • Value chain analysis

  • Competitive analysis

  • Channel Structures / Channel Dynamics

Marketing Programs.

The marketing landscape to is far more complex with the advent of digital mediums, information overload, proliferation of brands, access to global markets and not to forget the sophistication of experiences demanded by the customers. As we transition from the era of mass markets to personalized engagements with customers, the marketing initiatives in both the B2B & B2C segments need careful designing & clinical execution.
We assists organizations to build and deliver innovative and practical programs to cater to their customer needs

Product Strategy

Brand Management

Customer Experience

Product Communication Models


Channel & Influencer Engagement


Channel partners participate in the marketing chain not only to get access to customers but also play a significant role to provide better service levels, optimize costs, bring in working capital and share risk for the organization. For the channel partners an organization brings in the products & services, business expertise & processes, marketing & brand building, sales & support.

The success of a partnership begins with the right choice & fitment for both, policies that are fair & progressive, clear understanding of roles and not the least a financial model to make healthy returns. Goalseek helps organizations not only design a effective channel management program to also helps implement it on ground.

  • RTM Design & Implementation

  • Partner Search & Evaluation

  • Channel Engagement Programs

  • Financial Model for Channel Partners

  • Channel Health Tracking