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In a fast changing and increasingly digital world, disruptive business models & highly competitive market places, it is the competence of people in the organization that will determine the success. People will have to adapt to changing work environment, such as collaborative and agile work places, plethora of productivity tools, shrinking of geographical boundaries etc.
Organizations that invest in building the right competencies will attract & retain talent and in turn gain the edge. TNA is the starting point of developing an effective competency-building program and an effective workforce.

At Goalseek we have more than a decade long experience of working on TNA & competency building of sales teams across B2B & B2C segments. With deep understanding of sales coupled with expertise in developing & delivering innovative training programs our experts are best suited to study & analyse the training needs – be it at an individual level, functional requirements or for the organization as a whole.

We strongly believe that the needs of every individual and the organization are unique and all our programs are built on a zero base, tailor made to the requirements and is reflected in our approach & methodology for conducting TNAs.

Assessment & Development Centers

Highly specialized & structured way of understanding the potential competency of employees & taking critical manpower related decisions.

Succession Planning


Career Planning


Competency Development

The aim is to provide a process to assess potential that is consistent, free of prejudice and fair. It is a complex process, which required meticulous design, tried and validated tools, highly skilled assessors and sharp execution capabilities. It is a tool that directly impacts the employees and hence requires to handle with great degree of sensitivity and planning.

Goalseek specializes in assessment centres for sales teams combining the expertise of domain with trained & certified assessment centre practitioners on board.

Development centres use techniques similar to assessment centres such as simulations, psychometrics etc. but are primarily intended for measuring and developing the competencies required for an employee. We believe that the design of such developmental tools should be highly contextual and requires a high degree of customization. We specialize in designing & executing development centres for sales teams.


In today’s digital age has completely transformed the way people learn. From self paced e-learning, webinars, collaborative learning, experiential and immersive gamification models the way learning is deigned and consumed has changed dramatically. E-learning brings about advantages in personalization, scalability, costs, consistency and effectiveness.

Goalseek develops custom learning modules for sales teams based on their specific needs. We develop scorm complaint e-learning modules, video based training programs and game based simulations.

Some such programs are:

  • Induction Programs

  • Sales Processes & Ways of Working

  • Customer Management / Customer Centricity

  • Product Knowledge Modules

  • Channel Management / Distributor Management

  • Effective Sales Calls

Competency Development Programs

Most successful organizations have a structured competency development program to help them remain competitive and achieve their business goals. These programs are designed for enhancing the current competence levels and/or building new competencies of their workforce. We have rich experience in building & executing customized programs for sales teams of more than 50+ organizations over the decade. Not only are all our programs tailored around the needs of the learner and contextual to their business environment, but also sustainable with high focus on implementation on ground.
Goalseek specializes in building customized competency development programs for sales teams

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